As a Comwell Club member, you earn one stamp for each night you stay at a Comwell hotel. 

Each time you collect 8 stamps, you earn one bonus night, redeemable for 2 people in a shared standard room (breakfast included) at a Comwell hotel of your choice. 


You will find your personal stamp card on your Comwell Club profile. You can keep track of how many stamps and bonus nights you have here.  

How to earn stamps:

    • The booking must be made directly with Comwell, either on or by telephone, or through a business travel agency (GDS).
    • The booking must be made using the e-mail address associated with your Comwell Club profile.
    • It does not matter whether you are staying overnight privately or as an individual business traveller.
    • For each night you stay, you earn one stamp. For example, if you stay 2 nights, you will be awarded two stamps. 
    • You will be able to see your stamps on your Comwell Club profile the day after you check out.
    • Stamps expire after 12 months of inactivity.
    • All stamps on your Comwell Club stamp card remain active as long as you stay for a minimum of 1 night within a 12-month period.
    • Once you have earned 8 stamps, you will receive one bonus night, and your stamp card will be reset.

  • You cannot earn stamps for: 
    • Accommodation related to conferences/meetings 
    • Bonus night stays
    • Accommodation booked through third-party platforms, such as, Expedia, etc.


Bonus nights appear automatically on your Comwell Club profile

How to book your bonus night:

  • You can redeem your bonus night for 2 people in a shared standard room at a Comwell hotel of your choice.
  • Bonus nights must be booked via your Comwell Club profile. 
  • Log in to Comwell Club and use the link “Book your bonus night here”, which can be found under the section “Your Comwell Club bonus nights”.
  • Along with your bonus night, you will receive a unique voucher code, which must be presented as documentation when you check in. REMEMBER to bring your v

Good to know

  • You will automatically receive your bonus night when you have earned 8 stamps.
  • Your bonus night will appear on your Comwell Club profile the day after you check out from your 8th night.
  • A bonus night is valid for 12 months.
  • The period for which a bonus night is valid cannot be extended.
  • Bonus nights may only be booked individually. 
  • If you wish to extend a stay using a bonus night, the bonus night must be booked separately (one booking for the stay and a separate booking for the bonus night).
  • If you have earned several bonus nights and would like to combine them for a stay of several nights, each bonus night must be booked individually via your Comwell Club profile. 
  • Bonus nights do not earn stamps for your Comwell Club stamp card.
  • If you find that your bonus night has not been automatically awarded, it can be manually registered to your Comwell Club profile within 3 months of checkout from your 8th night. Please contact Comwell Club support with the booking number of the stay that should have earned you your bonus night.
  • When cancelling bonus nights, our general cancellation policy for bookings of rooms with breakfast applies. Read more here

If you have not found the answer you were looking for, please contact Comwell Club support at or call +45 70 274 274 (open Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00)