1.1 Comwell Club membership is governed by these Terms and Conditions and it is a member's responsibility to read and become acquainted with them, including any changes thereto. These Terms and Conditions replace all previous terms and conditions applicable to Comwell's former loyalty programmes, including the Comwell First club.

1.2 The minimum age for membership of Comwell Club is 18 years old. Membership is a contractual agreement between Comwell A/S (hereinafter "Comwell") and you personally (hereinafter "Member"). Membership cannot be issued to companies or other legal entities. Membership is strictly personal. Only one person can be registered per membership. Only one member per checked-in room can earn Comwell Club points and redeem such points.

1.3 The Member undertakes to ensure that no unauthorised persons can access the Member's information and it is the Member's responsibility to keep his/her information up to date.

1.4 Comwell Club is valid until other notice is given, and Comwell reserves the right to terminate Comwell Club with six months’ notice to the Member.

1.5 Comwell reserves the right to change Comwell Club's Terms and Conditions by notifying the Member either via Comwell's website, e-mail, telephone or ordinary post.

1.6 Comwell reserves the right, at its own discretion, to terminate a Comwell Club membership, and such termination may result in loss of Comwell Club points if the membership has been breached by the Member. Such a breach can include, on the part of the Member concerned, gross or disrespectful behaviour towards Comwell, criminal acts or behaviour that is generally perceived as amoral or unethical. This also assigns Comwell the right to terminate membership in all forms of cheating, for example, if a Member creates multiple profiles to earn points for him/herself. The Member may terminate his/her membership at any time at

1.7 It is the Member's responsibility to inform his/her employer in advance and to obtain the employer's prior consent, if such consent is required, if the Member expects to earn Comwell Club points based on overnight accommodation to be paid by the employer. Comwell can in no way be held responsible for the Member's failure to inform his/her employer or the Member's failure to obtain the employer's prior consent.

1.8 Any Comwell Club points earned in a work context, which are used for private purposes by the Member, may be taxable. Accordingly, the Member is obliged to inform the relevant authorities and/or relevant employer and to pay any taxes and related fees due. Comwell disclaims any responsibility for the taxes or tax liabilities imposed on the Member in this respect.


How to earn points

2.1 In order to earn Comwell Club points, the Member must state that he/she is a member and provide relevant member information in connection with a hotel reservation.

2.2 Points can be earned from the date the Member is accepted in Comwell Club.

2.3 It is the Member's own responsibility to notify the relevant hotel of membership upon booking, arrival or departure. After departure, it may take up to three days for points to be registered.

2.4 For online booking, the Member must log in to Comwell Club with the applicable e-mail address and password.

2.5 There is no calculated rate of currency for earned Club Points. 1 point equals DKK/SEK 1.00.

You can earn points on

2.6 The Member earns 5% in Comwell Club points based on all purchases that the Member has made in connection with overnight stays at Comwell Hotels.

2.7 When paying with points, points can only be earned on the invoiced amount. In other words, points are earned on all cash purchases, purchases by credit card or Comwell gift cards.

2.8 To earn points, all purchases must be connected to the hotel room's reservation. For example, purchases in the restaurant must be registered on the room's bill to qualify.

2.9 Earned points can be deducted from the total bill on departure.

2.10 It is possible to earn points on private parties, even without an overnight stay included. However, this does not apply to à la carte bookings. Party and group menus must be booked in advance. Private parties refer to birthdays, weddings, and suchlike, where the party organiser pays for the event personally

2.11 From 8 September 2016, it is once again possible to earn points from overnight stays at AC Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen. Points can be earned and used in the same way as the other rules for use and earning points (see section 2). It is the Member's own responsibility to state that he/she is a member and ensure all purchases on the hotel room's bill are registered.

2.12 Points can only be earned from the Member’s own room and consumption when the Member is staying in connection with a business trip that is paid by the company, but paid individually.

You cannot earn points on

2.13 Comwell Club points cannot be earned on parties held and/or paid by companies, such as Christmas parties.

2.14 Points can only be earned by one Comwell membership for one hotel room per night.

2.15 Points earned by a member cannot be combined with or transferred to other Comwell member accounts. Points cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise exchanged for cash.

2.16 Members can access their account information on the Club website:

2.17 Points cannot be earned for meeting and conference stays. However, members that participate may earn points from personal consumption in conjunction with the meeting and conference stay and other company events. Personal consumption must be registered on the Member's own bill in order to earn points.

2.18 Points can only be earned from overnight stays booked directly with Comwell, i.e. any overnight stays purchased through tour operators other than Comwell do not earn points. If your booking is made through, Expedia, Sembo, DTF, and suchlike, you will not receive any points for it. Neither can points be used in conjunction with stays booked through third party channels.

2.19 Points cannot be earned using gift cards that have not been issued by Comwell. These are gift cards like Smartbox,, experience gifts, and suchlike.

2.20 It is not possible to use Comwell gift cards at AC Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen.

Missing points and point validity

2.21 If a member considers that he/she has not received points for overnight stays entitled to, he/she must use the contact form found in the left-hand column of all club pages and send a message explaining this to the Comwell Club coordinator. This message must be received by the Comwell Club coordinator not later than three months after the date of the overnight stay in question.

2.22 Earned points are valid in the current calendar year and for 36 months from and including the date on which they were earned. Unused points always expire on the 1st of March each year. When you use your earned points, we always deduct the points that were earned first. It is the Member's own responsibility to stay up to date with points' expiry date. At least once a year, Comwell Club will send an e-mail with information about points' expiry date to those members who have points expiring in the current calendar year.


3.1 Comwell Club points can be used for full or partial payment of services, including hotel accommodation at Comwell, e.g. overnight stay with dinner or overnight stay and drinks at the bar.

3.2 Points cannot be used for payment without any accommodation. This includes day trips such as day spa, purchasing products at or at the hotels, for treatments, and dinner without accommodation.

3.3 Points cannot be used in the case of no-show/cancellations and non-refundable stays. It will always state in the description of a stay if it is non-refundable.

3.4 Points earned on accommodation cannot be used for payment of the same stay.

3.5 Points can be used for payment of private parties.

3.6 Accommodation at Comwell’s Swedish hotels is prepaid upon booking. It is therefore not possible to pay with points. However, points can be used as payment of purchases in conjunction of an overnight stay in Sweden.

3.7 Comwell may, at its discretion, and at any time, change the Comwell Club points structure and ways of earning such points. In such event, members will be duly informed (see section 1.5).


4.1 The Member accepts and agrees to Comwell's registration and processing of personal data relating to the Member's participation in Comwell Club in accordance with applicable law and these Terms and Conditions. Personal data that is registered will be processed and stored solely for the purpose of being able to pass on information to the Member about Comwell Club offers and managing the membership and the earned Comwell Club points. Any other purpose relating to a member’s personal data requires further and explicit consent from the Member concerned.

4.2 Comwell is responsible for the protection of personal data. Comwell Club members have the right to obtain information about which personal data is registered at Comwell by submitting a written and personally signed request to Comwell. Members also have the right to demand that Comwell should amend or remove any personal data regarding the Member that is incorrect or incomplete. In addition, the Member may terminate his/her Comwell Club membership at any time at

4.3 Members with no purchase history during the past 5 years, will, due to EU GDPR directives, be deleted from our records.

4.4 For further information regarding personal data, see Comwell Hotels Privacy Policy.

5. Other provisions

5.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with Danish law, with the exception of statutory provisions that are applicable under the laws of other countries. Disputes that may arise as a result of or in relation to Comwell Club should be decided by the Danish courts as possessing exclusive jurisdiction.

5.2 You are considered a new member if you have not been a member for a minimum of 12 months.

5.3 Points are automatically added after the end of the Member’s stay. It may take up to three days before the points appear in the Member's account. If you have not received your points, please contact Comwell Club's administrator within three months after your stay.

5.4 Points cannot be redeemed in cash and cannot be used for purchasing gift cards.

5.5 For the purchase of gift cards, 10% is added to the first DKK 8,000 paid. However, this is only valid for gift cards purchased from Comwell's website. Gift cards are valid for all Danish hotels. A maximum of one gift card can be used as payment per event.

5.6 Comwell reserves the right to adjust the Member's points if there are technical errors, system failures or personal errors that result in the Member with too few or too many points than he/she is entitled to.

5.7 If you have signed up via a recommendation from another member by accepting the recommendation that was sent, membership cannot be unsubscribed until three months after the date it was established.