Information to our guests

At Varbergs Kusthotell we make every effort to ensure our guests feel safe when staying with us. Our guests' and employees' health and safety are given top priority in line with the authorities' recommendations and advice.

We do this to make sure our guests' stay is a safe and secure one

  • We are currently receiving fewer guests at our hotel so that we can offer safe distancing. 
  • In the restaurant, spa and gym we have limited the number of spaces, which are staggered at different times. 
  • For us, it goes without saying that we always follow and update our hygiene and cleaning procedures to avoid viruses in all their forms, including COVID-19. In addition to our normal cleaning procedures, we are paying extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are frequently touched, such as door handles, lift buttons, etc. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available for our guests. 
  • All our employees receive regular information and instructions based on the authorities' recommendations. 

 Thalasso spa and fitness

  • We ensure our water is maintained at a high quality. The American equivalent to our environmental and health protection administration has investigated how coronaviruses in general and Covid-19 in particular behave in swimming baths and pools. It has been shown that coronaviruses are easier to eradicate than other viruses, which we already protect against via treatment plants, filters, chlorine and UV light. 
  • The number of places during our spa sessions is limited so we have more space and can spread our guests out.
  • We have extended our fitness sessions for our members so there is more space for each guest.
  • We are now offering more outdoor sessions.
  • We do not run any workouts involving close contact.
  • We are reducing the maximum number of people in each session. 


  • We offer only a limited number of places in the restaurant across different sittings so we can seat our guests at safe distances.
  • Our menus are available as takeaway, too.
  • As we cannot offer room service, you are welcome to collect your food and take it to your room.
  • Areas frequently used in the restaurant are disinfected several times a day.
  • We offer plate service and, this summer, we are also offering buffets. All mealtimes are split into different sittings to avoid queuing and congestion.
  • This summer, several drink stations will be set up outside, so we can offer drinks safely. 


  • If you're holding a conference with us, we can offer separate meeting areas and rooms with ample space.
  • If not everybody can attend the meeting, we can lend out webcams.
  • We are happy to serve you coffee etc. in the room or in a separate area, or you can have your own section of the restaurant. 
  • In our separate conference building, Villa Apelviken, you can hire the whole building with facilities, lounge and hotel rooms. In addition, we can serve all meals in the villa. 


  • Should you need to cancel, our terms and conditions are shown on your booking confirmation. Read more about our booking rules for private stays here.
  • If you have booked via a third-party channel (e.g., etc.), please contact them directly to find out about the booking rules.

What can you do as a guest

As a guest at Varbergs Kusthotell, we encourage you to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. Read more here.

Warmest regards
Varbergs Kusthotell