three-course dinner by the sea

supper menu

The menu varies according to what the season has to offer. If you wish, you can order our wine package or non-alcoholic beverage package for the food with drinks that are selected specifically for the evening's menu. Our supper is included in many of the packages for you who have booked accommodation. Do you have a food allergy? Do not hesitate to ask the staff about the content of the food.


Supper is served all evenings at 5-10 PM. Choose between three different starters, main courses and desserts.  

  • Two-course dinner 395 kr.
  • Three-course dinner 495 kr.
  • Selected wine package, two glasses 279 kr, three glasses 349 kr.

Boka bord

Supper is open for drop-ins, subject to availability. You can also pre-book a table to secure a place for your party. To book a table, call: +46 (0)340 62 98 00 or fill out the form below.    




Puff pastry-baked pate from lillegården served with pistachios, tomato chutney and fried mushrooms.

Confítate scallops served with cauliflower purée, Parmesan cheese, arugula and truffle oil.

Vegetarian potatoes and leek soup served with zucchini and marinated artichoke from halland gardens farm


Shredded brisket from dalsjöfors served with oven-roasted potatoes, dill sauce and roasted carrots.

Butter fried-char served with lemon citrus risotto, fried mushrooms and brown butter.

Vegetarian root vegetable gratin served with spinach and fried mushrooms.


Chocolate and Cointreau tart served with raspberries and mascarpone creme

Old fashioned caramel pudding served with mixed berries

Vegan apple pie served with vanilla creme sauce



Smoked sirloin steak carpaccio from dalsjöfors served with roasted pine nuts, Parmesan cream, croutons and olive oil.

Salmon terrine served with trout eggs, garlic creme and creme fraiche

Vegetarian mushroom toast served with pickled red onions and feta cheese


Polk served with lime velvete, dill boiled potatoes, egg and berry capers

Baked shredded spare ribs from halland with mashed potatoes and roasted beets

Vegetarian Rice Pok-Choi with roasted pumpkin and Chèvre cheese


Caramel crumbs with caramel creme, macaronis and pistachios.

Lemon tart served with meringue, green tea and mint.

Vegetarian raspberry parfait served with granola and mixed berries.



Salmon tartare served with pickled red onions, capers emulsion, Parmesan cheese and root vegetable chips.

Air dried need thigh served with cream cheese, pickled chanterelles and herb salad.

Vegetarian beer root carpaccio served with herb vinaigrette, fried capers, tofu and roasted sunflower seeds.


Herb marinated chicken served with roasted baked potatoes, root vegetables and tarragon

Red sole (flat fish) served with carrot pure, butter sauce and trout eggs.

Vegetarian mushroom pasta served with grilled zucchini, marinated artichoke and tofu


Licorice brûlée served with mulled berries

Pistachio crema with caramelized nuts and tofu ice cream



Pasta with minced meat sauce. 75 kr 

Black Angus burger 90 g. with bread and french fries. 75 kr  


Organic pancakes with the house jam and scoop of ice cream. 69 kr

Organic vanilla ice cream with meringues and chocolate sauce. 39 kr  

Children can also order a smaller portion from other menus at half the price. Ask us about the daily specials for children.   

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