Treatments Time is yours


The treatment starts with a 10-minute consultation in which you sit down with your spa therapist, who will suggest a treatment involving one or more treatment combinations that suit your wishes and needs for the day.   

  • Seaweed massage. For those who feel tired in body and mind, we recommend our unique seaweed massage. You step into a wooden tub filled with heated seawater. The spa therapist massages the body with hand-picked seaweed from the coast of Varberg. A hands-on treatment where minerals and trace elements in the seawater and serrated wrack soothes muscles and joints.
  • Salt and eucalyptus scrub. Effective for dry skin and helps to stimulate circulation in a tired body. Turkish Body Scrub with Eucalyptus is a sea salt and mineral scrub that peels, refreshes and mineralises the skin. Skin feels soft, smooth and energised afterwards.
  • Body wrap. A body wrap that nourishes the body and stimulates circulation in the body. Choose from Moor Mud mud wrap, Spirulina wrap and Aroma wrap. During the wrap you can choose between a facial treatment or a scalp massage. To give your body more nourishment after the wrap, you will be given an application of Satin Body Lotion or Chamomile Body Lotion.
  • Mineral bath. Enjoy a warm mineral bath that nourishes your muscles and enables you to recover. We add Mineral Wellness Soak to the bath, a concentrated and powerful salt from South Africa. It contains a balanced mixture of 60 essential minerals and trace elements to nourish, clean and rebalance the body.
  • Classic massage. Classic Swedish deep tissue massage, where you choose a massage oil and focus area, for example back, shoulders, neck or whole body.
  • Mindfulness massage. Our mindfulness massage is a relaxing and deep massage with therapeutic massage strokes.
  • Hawaiian massage. Enjoy the flow of an energising Hawaiian massage, a deep and gentle massage where the spa therapist uses long, deep massage strokes inspired by the sea and movement of the waves.
  • Bamboo massage. Bamboo massage is a therapeutic and holistic massage experience. Here we use bamboo sticks to achieve a nice, deep massage of the muscles.
  • Stone massage. For the stone massage, the therapists use hot lava stones and cold marble stones. Switching between warm and cold gives a powerful and deep massage and boosts circulation in the muscles.
  • Facial treatment. You will receive cleansing, a face mask and while the mask is working you will be given a scalp massage. The treatment ends with a relaxing facial massage with day cream.
  • Scalp and face massage. A comfortable massage for the scalp, neck and face with acupressure to relieve tension in the head and face.
  • Horizontal Shower. You lie on a bed where water jets from above flow down in different scenarios; intense rain is interspersed with gentle water jets in combination with alternating water temperatures. The result is total relaxation of a kind that is only possible when lying down.