Treatments Time is yours - Feet


Enjoy a foot treatment that gives both you and your feet new energy. Our foot care therapists have training in medical foot care and can provide you with treatment according to your needs. Choose from several forms of treatment, such as foot baths, peelings or massages.    

Our foot treatment therapists are trained in medical foot care and can treat you according to your needs. Our treatments always include a 10-minute consultation to give you the best treatment for your visit.  

Foot bath. The feet are softened in a pleasant, temperature-controlled foot bath.
Peeling. The therapist will peel your feet with a peeling cream.
Calluses. Calluses are removed using instruments.
Ingrowing nails. Relieves pressure on ingrowing toenails.
Plantar warts. Gives advice, does not treat.
Shapes your nails. Cuts, cleans and polishes nails.
Cuticles. Polishes cuticles.
Foot mask. Wraps your feet in a moisturising cream. Your feet will feel soft and smooth afterwards.
Foot massage. A lovely foot and lower leg massage with a foot cream.