For us, sustainability means that we have a holistic perspective and that we work with sustainability in several areas of our business. Here we explain the initiatives we have taken and the measures that have been implemented.


Vi jobbar aktivt med att minska vår energiförbrukning genom att energioptimera el, belysning, värme, kyla, vatten och ventilation. Exempel på energibesparande åtgärder vi genomfört är:

  • We use 100% renewable energy via Varbergs Energi.
  • We are replacing old equipment with new energy-efficient fittings such as water-saving taps and toilets. 90% of our showers are water-saving with a flow of max. 9 litres/minute. Low-flush mode is available on 50% of our toilets.
  • ·We have a demand-controlled heating and ventilation system that is controlled by thermostats in the radiators and presence control via our booking system. The system saves a large amount of energy.·         We are replacing old bulbs with LED low-energy bulbs designed to consume less power. 70% of our lamps are currently LED bulbs (May 2019).·         We have carried out an energy review of all the building's technical installations and have a drawn up an action plan for energy optimisation which we are following.


When we cook and serve food in the restaurant, we focus on sustainability:

  • We work to reduce our food waste through a number of initiatives. For example, measuring our organic waste.
  • We only serve fish and shellfish that are MSC-labelled.
  • Guests wishing to eat vegetarian food can always find a green option on our menu.
  • We always choose ingredients according to the season.
  • When choosing raw materials and beverage suppliers, we prioritise locally grown and Swedish-produced.
  • Our goal is to make optimum use of raw ingredients and to use up all purchased food in order to reduce food and energy waste.
  • We have opted against using table linen to reduce the amount of laundry. 
  • We are working to reduce our water consumption by reducing the amount of washing up.


As part of our housekeeping, we also take responsibility for our guests, employees and the environment:

  • We strive to use fragrance-free products to wash bedding, duvets, pillows and towels, as well as offer room products that are environmentally friendly, without allergens and without parabens.
  • 100% of our laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents are ecolabelled. 95% of our cleaning agents are ecolabelled.
  • We also make sure that we don't use more products than necessary. This reduces both our impact on the environment and on the people who use the chemicals.
  • Our laundry is ISO certified and has been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Our bed linen is organic.
  • When it comes to energy, we like to save! Not in terms of comfort – but in terms of things that waste unnecessary energy. For example, we encourage our guests to use their towel more than once.


We are working to reduce the amount of waste we produce and to recover and recycle as much as possible. Examples of measures we have taken in waste management are:

  • We sort all our waste at source as fractions: glass, metal, organic waste, paper, cardboard, hard plastic, soft plastic.
  • Waste bins with compartments for different fractions are available in all conference rooms and hotel rooms.
  • We prioritise the use of biodegradable disposable items and are phasing out plastic items. We do not use disposable plastic cups. Plastic straws and cocktail sticks will be replaced with paper or wood. Coloured napkins are being replaced with degradable napkins.
  • We are replacing all our tealights with LED candles.


We always set requirements and investigate environmentally friendly alternatives when contacting suppliers.

  • We strive to ensure that all our suppliers are environmentally certified.
  • We purchase environmentally friendly office supplies wherever possible - such as flipcharts and whiteboard pens.
  • All our printed matter comes from ecolabelled printers and uses Nordic Swan Ecolabelled paper. We are also reducing the amount of printed material and are utilising digital solutions to a greater extent.


We promote sustainable travel to our hotel:

  • We provide charging stations for electric cars.
  • We provide information on how to reach us by public transport by bus and train.

We prioritise local suppliers and locally produced ingredients in order to reduce transport distances


We work to create a sustainable working environment for our employees through a number of initiatives:

  • Systematic work environment management, which means that we focus on health-promoting initiatives and that we take a process-oriented and systematic approach to work environment management, rehabilitation and skills development for all our staff.
  • Wellness allowance for employees.
  • Job security through collective agreements.
  • Zero tolerance of victimisation and harassment.
  • Increased awareness of our sustainability responsibility among our staff.