A unique experience that provides restorative protection for the skin and mind, and renews, transforms, and strengthens. The facial treatment begins with a soothing meditation followed by a cleansing massage enhanced by the traditional Gua Sha technique, structured water elixir and ends with Enzyme Serum Masque.

The vegan and organic ANDA products are adapted and blended for your specific needs to give supple, strong and beautiful skin. Our therapists tell you about Blissful Moment - How to create skincare as loving care at home.

After the treatment you will receive a take-home programme for your skin in order to continue to care for your skin at home.

  • 50-minute treatment, Mon-Thu, SEK 775
  • 50-minute treatment, Fri-Sun, SEK 975


Our spa therapist will take care of you and give you a nice refresh of your face. You will receive cleansing, a face mask and while the mask is working you will be given a scalp massage. The treatment ends with a relaxing facial massage with a day cream.

  • 20-minute treatment, SEK 425
  • 30-minute treatment, SEK 525


  • Tinting of eyelashes and brows, 25 minutes, price SEK 350
  • Shaping of eyebrows, 10 minutes, price SEK 295


Let us make you extra pretty! You will receive a party or everyday make-up with i.d. products. Arrive without make-up.

  • 40-minute treatment, Mon-Thu, SEK 590
  • 40-minute treatment, Fri-Sun, SEK 700


Chemical peeling with PCA Skin is a result-oriented and powerful treatment that works to improve structure, skin tone and problems caused by acne or rosacea. We tailor the treatment to your skin, your needs and any problems you may have. There are several different peels to choose from depending on your skin condition. During the first treatment session we will carry out a consultation and see which peel is right for you. You can then arrange for a course of treatments. After the first treatment you will be given a PCA Skin Care product kit to use in the first few days after the treatment.

  • 20-minute treatment, SEK 790 
  • 30-minute treatment, SEK 1,190 (including consultation and product kit) 



For those who feel tired in body and mind, we recommend our unique seaweed massage. You step into a wooden tub filled with heated seawater. The spa therapist massages the body with hand-picked seaweed from the coast of Varberg. A hands-on treatment where minerals and trace elements in the seawater and serrated wrack soothes muscles and joints.   ·         20-minute treatment, SEK 425·         30-minute treatment, SEK 525


The massage therapist focuses on the desired area: neck and shoulders, back or legs. 

  • 20-minute treatment, SEK 425
  • 30-minute treatment, SEK 525


This is a lovely body scrub with Kerstin Florian's Turkish Body Scrub with sea salt and eucalyptus, which concludes with a nice shower. An application with Body Lotion is included if you choose the 40-minute treatment. 

  • 20-minute treatment, SEK 425
  • 40-minute treatment, SEK 625


You lie on a bed where water jets from above flow down in different scenarios; intense rain is interspersed with gentle water jets in combination with alternating water temperatures. Tensions in the head, neck and shoulders are rinsed away with the shower water.

  • 20-minute treatment, SEK 295


Choose to wax legs, bikini line or back. When waxing, do not bathe or have a massage after treatment due to the risk of infection.

  • 30-minute treatment, SEK 450
  • 50-minute treatment, Mon-Thu, SEK 600, Fri-Sun SEK 700 
  • Chin and upper lip, 10 min, SEK 180



Get beautiful hands in a relaxing and smoothing treatment.

  • 30-minute treatment, mon-thu, SEK 400 
  • 30-minute treatment, fre-sun, SEK 500
  • 50-minute treatment, mon-thu, SEK 650
  • 50-minute treatment, fre-sun, SEK 750