Varbergs Kusthotell 30 years


we are celebrating

In 1992, Varbergs Kusthotell was opened, which means that this year, 2022, we are celebrating 30 years as a hotel and spa business!

For 30 years, the hotel has been dedicated to providing guests with a total experience for body and soul. Our concept builds on 200 years of spa traditions, with the Varberg spa resort and proximity to the sea as the main focus. Even our location in Lilla Apelviken has something unique. We already knew this in the early 20th century, and that's why we also want to acknowledge and share our history, which we are proud to pass on.



Our history follows two distinct historical tracks, which will subsequently be woven together with the opening of Kusthotellet in 1992. One part of it is our spa history, which dates back to the early 19th century and involves spa treatments such as massage and seaweed baths.

The second part is about the fantastic place we are in today. Back in the early 1900s, a doctor named Johan Severin Almer realised that there was something special about the piece of land on which our hotel stands. This is when he opened the sanatorium Kustsanatoriet Apelviken, which is what our health resort was originally called. The reason he chose this particular place was because of his firm belief that sun, fresh air, saltwater baths and nutritious food have a major impact on health. A holistic outlook on life that we still hold today.   

Here you can read more about our history, from the 19th century spa bathers to the 20th century Coastal Sanatorium, which we have had the opportunity to manage.

Photos from our history are taken from the book Apelviken — From Coastal Sanatorium to Health Resort. Most of the photos were taken by Matilda Ranch or borrowed from patients and staff of the Coastal Sanatorium. 

Pictures through history


Celebrating package

Celebrate friendship, love and time together in our unique location with sparkling coastlines, saltwater baths and fresh air that can inspire a zest for life and equanimity for many years to come. With our anniversary package, we would like to celebrate our venue and bring you our finest experience for two whole days filled with the beach, spa, delicious meals, a luxurious champagne breakfast and time for seaside indulgence. 

Spabehandling i Varberg | Varbergs Kusthotell


Spa treatment with seaweed baths has a long tradition in Varberg, and was present when the first warm bath house opened in 1822. We are proud to pass it on and it is one of our most popular treatments. As well as being beautiful, seaweed is also very rich in oils, minerals and trace elements, which are beneficial for your skin. These substances are released with the hot bath water. The seaweed is responsibly harvested from the sea by Bosse, our personal seaweed fisherman. 



We are proud to be part of the hotel chain Comwell which has more than 50 years’ experience in the hotel and conference sector. Each Comwell hotel has its own character, mood and atmosphere. But one thing they all have in common is excellent hospitality, service and professional staff.