Here are some tips for our most popular coastal activities. Maybe you want to go for a fatbike ride in scenic surroundings, try out your balance on the waves on a SUP board or practice your teamwork skills in action-packed team competitions in the sand. 



Wästkustens Mästare (West Coast Champion) is a concept developed by NW Event, inspired by the popular TV show Mästarnas Mästare (Champion of Champions), with focus on collaboration. Athleticism, balance, strategy, strength and reflexes are put to the test. Everyone in the team has a chance to shine when the teams meet in the various events. The events vary and suit all groups and personalities. We also use our beautiful outdoor environment as an arena. 



Join us on a guided fatbike ride along the coast. The wide tyres of these bikes easily roll over both sand, water, snow, rocks and forest paths, letting you cycle through terrain that other bikes can’t cope with. A fatbike ride offers a unique cycling experience and gives you an opportunity to discover nature in a whole new way. The ride is led by a guide who will help you with configuration, give tips on technique and guide you along a wonderful route by the sea. The bike ride suits most people, some cycling experience is required, but of course we can adapt the route to the desired degree of difficulty. The activity is arranged together with KiteKalle.

  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Group size: 2-20 people

Team SUP

In collaboration with Crosswater, we are able to offer one of the most fun team-building activities on the market. An activity with unlimited possibilities where the ability to collaborate is crucial. Learn to paddle together or race against each other! Optimal collaboration and coordination of individual abilities are required to succeed in getting around the course or getting to the finish line first. Functional impairment does not prevent you from participating. Each board can be paddled by 4-8 people at the same time, and we can arrange everything from a group paddling tour to relay races for your particular group.