Spa Studio with ANDA Spa Workshop

Spa Studio with ANDA Spa Workshop

Attend a spa workshop that educates you on creating your own positive skincare routine for your face. You actively participate and perform each step on your own.

The ANDA spa workshop is led by a spa therapist who trains you in the properties of the products and guides you step-by-step on how to use breathing, Gua Sha massage and meditative elements to create a routine that strengthens your skin from the inside out. You'll also receive a home programme to continue with the routine when you return home.

Prices and Booking

Price and Booking Our spa workshop can be booked as a group activity for 6-12 people every day of the week. It includes a bathrobe and towel. Please feel free to bring your own spa slippers. Price: 60 minutes, 395 SEK/person.

About ANDA and Blissful Moments

Kerstin Florian's ANDA°collection is a specially formulated line with natural, vegan and organic ingredients that focus on vitality of skin and spirit. The products are formulated with performance ingredients from land and sea, specifically selected for their unique nutrient profiles. ANDA is holistically life-giving for the skin and the line is rich in vital nutrients that offer clinically tested and transformative results to not only improve the skin’s surface, but also the skin’s health. The line's central product, °Coherence Elixir, not only offers skin-rejuvenating benefits, but with its cellular structure enhances the performance of the other products when used in combination.

ANDA is taken directly from the Swedish word 'breathe', and with Blissful Moments, the focus is not only on the products, but also on creating a positive skincare routine with meditative elements.