Membership conditions

Membership conditions training members at Varbergs Kusthotell

1. General 

The following conditions apply to membership at Varbergs Kusthotell. The member is entitled to train in accordance with these terms. The terms apply until further notice. Varbergs Kusthotell has the right to make changes to the terms and conditions and any changes must be notified to the member according to point 11 no later than 30 days before they come into effect. 

 2. Membership 

Valid membership is obtained by paying the price applicable at any time. Premium Membership is bound for 6 or 12 months and is subsequently renewed with a binding period of 6 or 12 new months. Termination of the membership must be notified no later than 15 days before the membership expires. Otherwise, a new membership period begins according to the current membership option. Membership is limited to 6 alt. 12 paying months, not including any free months. The minimum age for signing a membership agreement is 16 years. For members under the age of 18, the guardian's consent is required. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred. 

 3. Payment terms 

The membership is paid in advance - card payment, via invoice or monthly via monthly invoice. Should the invoice addressee, if other than the member, fail to fulfill their obligations, the payment responsibility is transferred to the member. The membership is price protected during the commitment period. After that, the price can be increased to the then current price. Price increases for membership with a fixed price may occur if it is due to a change in the value added tax, or other fees decided by an authority that is outside Varbergs Kusthotell's control. If payment is not made within the time until the due date, a reminder fee is charged. The case is then handed over to debt collection. 

 4. Non-payment 

If payment is not made in accordance with the contractual payment terms, Varbergs Kusthotell has the right to suspend the member by blocking the membership card until payment is made. The member is obliged to pay membership fees during the time the membership card is blocked. Varbergs Kusthotell reserves the right to terminate the membership contract in writing and termination in accordance with clause 13 in the event of non-payment. 

 5. Welfare and order rules 

It is the member's responsibility to follow the applicable rules and regulations regarding spa, exercise and exercise equipment as communicated in writing or orally by Varbergs Kusthotell's staff. Members are expected to always show consideration and respect and behave in a way that does not disturb other members, guests or staff. It is not permitted to possess or use unauthorized preparations within the facility, including doping-classified or performance-enhancing agents. Members must register attendance with a membership card at each visit to the gym/spa or training session. If the membership card is lost or damaged, this must be immediately reported to the staff at the reception. A new membership card is issued for an administrative fee of SEK 100. The membership is personal and cannot be used by another person. In case of suspicion of a violation of the content of this clause, Varbergs Kusthotell's staff has the right to reject the member from the facility and suspend him from training and the spa without compensation. The member is responsible for accompanying guests following applicable rules and instructions.

6. Changes in opening hours and range 

Varbergs Kusthotell reserves the right to make changes in opening hours and group training schedule as well as in premises and equipment, which may lead to limitations in the offer. During major holidays and summer, the range and opening hours may be limited. Varbergs Kusthotell has the right to close the facility for a period at Christmas for basic renovation and maintenance. Varbergs Kusthotell may change or replace training equipment in the premises when necessary to maintain a good and safe training environment and training standard. If the change is of significant importance to the member, he has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. 

 7. Upgrading and Downgrading 

The member chooses membership, which determines what time of day the membership is valid and which options are possibly included. Members have the right to upgrade to a more comprehensive membership during the membership period. A corresponding downgrade is possible after the first 12 months as a member, but not during the current membership period.

8. Freezing 

For Premium membership, freezing can take place in the event of injury or illness, against a doctor's certificate or temporary work/studies in another location against presentation of studies/employer's certificate. In case of pregnancy, the membership can be frozen for 4 months without a medical certificate. Freezing against medical certificate only for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. A free freeze is granted for breaks in the form of e.g. travel/holiday for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months. In the case of multiple freezing cases, an administrative fee of SEK 600/occasion is payable. Freezing can only be done in advance. Retroactive freezing is only permitted on presentation of a medical certificate. The freeze extends the validity period of your training card. If you have a monthly payment, future invoicing will be paused corresponding to the period the membership is frozen. If payments for the period have already been completed, it will not be refunded. The paid period is instead moved forward in time. Frozen time that is not used in any way is not replaced or refunded. Any monthly fees paid when the membership has been frozen with a certificate are not refunded but may be used in the form of time in direct connection with the notice period/agreement period. 

 9. Liability and insurance 

All training takes place at your own risk. Varbergs Kusthotell is not responsible for personal injuries incurred by a member due to accident or as a result of another member's or visitor's actions or lack thereof. Each member and his or her guest, if any, is responsible for ensuring that their state of health is such that they can participate without risk in the activities they choose at the facility. Varbergs Kusthotell has the right to cancel the membership if the training results in a deterioration of the member's health. Varbergs Kusthotell is not responsible for losses due to theft, burglary or for any other reason, or for damage to the belongings of members or other visitors. 

10. Notice and information 

Notices about price changes and changes in general membership terms and conditions are displayed on Varberg's coastal hotel website and in the Members' News. It is the member's responsibility to immediately notify Varbergs Kusthotell of changes to e.g. name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. Member who provided contact details approves that Varbergs Kusthotell sends information and offers via Varbergs Kusthotell information channels. 

11. Processing of personal data 

Varbergs Kusthotell processes such personal data about members as are necessary to fulfill commitments regarding the signed agreement. The data may be combined with other registers to maintain good customer and register care. Member gives consent that personal data may be used to inform about Varbergs Kusthotell services and offers from third parties and to provide good service in general. If a member wants information about what data Varbergs Kusthotell registers, this can be obtained by sending a written request to Varbergs Kusthotell. Members can also request the correction of incorrect information. 

 12. Force Majeure

Varbergs Kusthotell is not responsible for interruptions in training or spa opportunities that are due to circumstances beyond Varbergs Kusthotell's control, such as water damage, fire damage, or other damage to the facility, strike, lockout, natural disasters, pandemics or authority decisions. 

13. Early termination on the part of Varbergs Kusthotell 

In the event of early termination of this agreement, for reasons other than the member's material breach of contract, the part of the prepaid payment that has not been used will be refunded.