Our business is based on proximity to the sea. We offer the country’s only thalassotherapy spa with seawater. The sea also features in our restaurant and bar, conference facility and fitness rooms. This creates the right conditions for our guests to develop their relationships and business and build strength and energy. 


Sweden’s most popular coastal hotel. 


We offer people a great way to meet, relax, build strength and absorb energy from the sea. By doing a little more, our guests can strengthen their close relationships or themselves and develop their business. When we are close to each other, we contribute to a friendlier and more sustainable society.  


We take a genuine interest in our guests and each other and greet everyone with a friendly smile. We do our best to ensure that our guests enjoy themselves and are more than satisfied when they leave. This is obvious and natural to us. Those of us who work at Varbergs Kusthotell have a genuine interest in what we do, regardless of whether our work involves the spa, hotel, restaurant, conferences or fitness activities. We are careful about the choice of ingredients for the restaurant, the products for our spa and the details of our interior design. Authenticity and credibility characterise our choices. Varbergs Kusthotell has a genuine history that forms the basis of what we are today. We carry this history with us and are happy to share it with our guests.

Our proximity to the sea permeates everything that we do. So does our proximity to Varberg and Halland. This is something we are proud of and gives us a clear identity. The sea is present in our thalassotherapy spa, in our treatments and in our cooking. We source our raw materials to a large extent from our local area. Halland has a fantastic range of produce. It is a sustainable way of working. We are close to our guests and each other, we are attentive and helpful. This means that our work to a large extent is about being on hand for our guests. 

Our guests come here to find energy and it is our task to give them energy. Whether they come to spend a couple of hours in our spa, for a conference or for the weekend. We must all share our energy and show our guests and each other consideration. This way we can surprise and together exceed expectations. This means we develop as a hotel. Energy is also about daring to take the initiative, ask questions and learn from each other.