Naturally derived from the invisible spectrum of the sun, infrared light provides people, animals and nature with heat and is therefore essential for life on Earth. The experience of sitting in an infrared sauna can be likened to sunbathing, i.e. the light increases your body heat gently, comfortably and in a relaxing manner. The infrared light is safe and has many health-promoting effects. Your body does the job – with a little help along the way.

Health-promoting effects of IR saunas:

  • Reduced stress as it gives a feeling of calm, harmony and release.
  • Detox as toxins are removed from the body through deep sweating. It will leave you feeling more energetic.
  • Relaxes stiff muscles and joints as it improves blood circulation.
  • Pain relief as it increases the body’s endorphin production.
  • Combats skin problems/promotes healthy skin as it helps remove dead skin cells and opens and cleanses pores.
  • Stimulates your cardiovascular system.

The IR sauna is booked for 30-minute treatment intervals. It is located in a separate treatment room. In addition to the 30 minutes in the IR sauna, you are also allotted time for showering afterwards. You can choose come alone or book a DUO treatment for two.

  • 30 minutes SEK 250
  • 30 minutes for two SEK 400